02 May 2016

The best April Fools

Laugh it up! The 30 best April Fools’ Day tech jokes of 2016.

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I found this map very interesting, and a little troubling in the case of some countries.

I am referring to Fixr.com's map, published showing the most Googled products, country-by-country. 

Interesting to see IVF so widely-searched in Australia, while Prostitute was a more troubling most searched product for another country.

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Google has released its latest Year in Search for 2015. International searches and local Australian searches are well covered.

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Every year, Mary Meeker's Report on Internet Trends makes for essential reading.

The 2015 Report is available by clicking here.

My Armenian origin is something I am very proud of, which is why I felt privileged when asked to present at the revolutionary technology house in Yerevan, called TUMO.

TUMO is a center for creative technologies, teaching the next generations of talented Armenian kids the way forward in IT.

I presented "FROM STARTUP TO BUSINESS" to a packed house and I hope you enjoy the following videos.

Airbnb, the shared accommodation startup currently valued at $24 billion and raking in $850 million in revenue this year, was once rejected by investors for funding.

On his blog, the company's CEO Brian Chesky revealed 7 rejection letters from their early days with an aim to motivate startups currently getting rejected when pitching to investors.

At the time, they were trying to raise $150,000 at a $1.5 million valuation, which would have meant an ownership of 10% of Airbnb. At today's valuation, 10% would be worth $240 million.

Check out the blog with the rejection letters below or by clicking here.

7 Rejections